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Tonio is the best way to receive information from your radio or TV station directly on your smartphone. Be it web pages, tickets, vouchers, pictures, music tracks, video streams, e-books, status updates from Facebook, apps or competitions- the possibilities are endless. The only requirement is that your TV or radio station supports Tonio.

You can use Tonio as much as you like – its use is unlimited. The app is available for iOS and android.



With Tonio TV and radio stations as well as record labels can send information directly to your smartphone or tablet. The information sent via our system is not audible.

With our technology we support TV and radio stations as well as record labels to send URLs directly to people’s smartphones. Regardless of how you receive information, be it via radio, via satellite or by streaming, your smartphone will receive the information through the microphone and decrypt it. The only condition is that the sender must have a license for our technology. Anyone who actually hears the program can receive the information. Tonio’s functions can also be integrated into other apps.

Be it websites, tickets, vouchers, pictures, subtitles, music tracks, video streams, e-books, status updates from facebook, quiz questions, apps or competitions – the possibilities for sending information accompanying programs or directly purchasing products online is endless.



Download the Tonio App now and play the video with sound in order to receive the information directly on your smartphone display.


Who is behind Tonio?
Florian Novak
Dominik Meissner


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